About us

Who we are

Divine Bamboo is   a forestry and energy company deploying commercial models along the bamboo value chain to promote afforestation, restoration and reduce deforestation through providing sustainable clean cooking solutions in the form of high-quality bamboo briquettes.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has grown to become the largest supplier of bamboo seedlings in Uganda with two 5-star nurseries certified by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

Divine Bamboo deploys an innovative integrated end-to-end business model through a multi-pronged approach spanning the production of high-quality planting material, the establishment of plantations, training programs for farmers and rural communities, production of bamboo briquettes. Through this approach, we simultaneously address the challenges of environmental degradation and contribute to a greener world while creating economic opportunities to empower communities.


An Africa with zero deforestation and increased access to renewable energy through the use of bamboo as an alternative to tree biomass in natural forests.


To stop deforestation and support restoration in Uganda through the promotion of fast-growing local bamboo species to produce clean cooking fuel in the form of briquettes and charcoal.


  • To become the leading supplier of high-quality bamboo seedlings in the East African region.
  • To produce and promote the use of bamboo charcoal and briquettes as a sustainable fuel alternative to conventional charcoal.
  • To establish acres of sustainably managed bamboo plantations in order to restore, protect endangered indigenous ecosystems and mitigate climate change.
  • To build smallholder inclusive bamboo value chains of farmers by providing planting material, technical support, and advisory on bamboo propagation, plantation establishment, and management.

Our Core Values


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together; African proverb. We recognise that individuals possess diverse talents, weaknesses, communication skills, strengths, and habits. By promoting an environment that encourages people to work together, we can achieve our far reaching goals.

Divine Bamboo encourages and embraces collaboration with different actors in the energy and climate change space both locally and globally because we recognise that these are complex problems that will only be solved if we all work together.


We believe that communities are based on the idea of fairness and equality, a society that is fair and equal will provide equal opportunities for all populations. We thrive to level the ground and enable even vulnerable populations to have a place in society.

Transparency & accountability

We will remain accountable to the communities we serve , our donors, our partners and the world at large and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Learning ,Creativity & innovation

We recognise that we are not alone in the journey to save the environment, we actively seek to work with partners and like minded individuals to achieve environmental justice. We endeavor to remain abreast with recent developments, our partners, with each other and most importantly with the communities we work with. We embrace continuous improvement in our products and services and maintain our generosity with our expert tools and knowledge for other sector players.

Oneness with nature environmental stewardship

We thrive to obliterate the boundaries between the self and the rest of nature. By doing this we gain a deep sense of closeness and unity to all that surrounds us and become stewards of the environment. Our activities are guided by the principles of environmental, economic, and social sustainability to all partners involved.

Our Team

Divine Nabaweesi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Divine has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, growing teams, and innovating solutions for pressing social problems. Her strengths include business strategy development, project management, marketing, and fundraising. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social work and Social Administration from Makerere University. Through her work with Divine Bamboo, she was selected as a 2017 Young African Leaders Initiative Fellow, 2017 WWF Impact Ventures Fellow, 2018 CARE SXD fellow and won the 2019 Startup Energy Transition Awards

Kyewalabye James

Programs Manager

James holds a Masters’ degree in Agriculture and Rural Development from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Makerere University. He has vast over 8 years of experience in rural development, start-up management, project management, consulting, management and administration. He has previously worked as an entrepreneur and supported startups and NGOs in different capacities. He is a Young African Leaders Initiative  and a fellow of the Chevening Scholarship Award(2018)

Senkumba James

Finance and Administration Manager

James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Team University Kampala, a professional Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) former ATC from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) with a meritorious certificate as a top student in Information Systems from ICPAU and Professional certificates in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) from Makerere University. He has 9 years of experience in Financial Management, Project Management, and Taxation.

Laura Ewok

Project Officer

Laura has a vast over 6 years of experience in deploying and managing community development projects and project administration. Laura holds a Master of Arts in Globalisation, Business and Sustainable Development from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration and Management as well as a Diploma in Gender and Development.

Racheal Lanyero

Project Officer

Racheal has a passion for environmental conservation with a focus on storytelling and social media management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Transport and Logistics Management from Makerere University Business School. She has 3 years of experience in managing various external-facing roles where she worked in import and export management processes.

Kwesiga Elijah

Accounts Assistant

Elijah holds a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce with a speciality in Accounting from Makerere University Business School. He has three years of experience in financial reporting, auditing and taxation. He is currently undertaking the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) course with the Institute of the Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).

Annmary Nakato

Administrative Assistant

Annmary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Office and Information Management and an extensive background in a variety of office administration duties. She has 4 years of experience in administration, excellent organizational skills and extensive knowledge of office policies and procedures.

Ogenrwot Innocent

Nursery Manager

Innocent holds a Diploma in Forestry from Nyabyeya forestry college. He has four years in managing seedling nurseries and plantations with a focus on Bamboo. His love for nature and conservation is depicted in the way he manages the nursery.

Niwomuhangi Amon

Nursery Manager

Amon holds a Diploma in Forestry from Nyabyeya forestry College. With the aspiration to continue the participation in the conservation, utilization and regeneration of forestland locally, nationally and internationally and has three years in Nursery management.

Majidu Wakabi

Nursery Assistant

Wakabi Magidu holds a Uganda Certificate of Education with one-year of experience in day to day nursery operations accomplishment and is very passionate about nature conservation.

Wandera Joseph

Nursery Assistant

Joseph has over two years of experience in handling nursery and nursery bed activities.

Twinomujuni Brian

Nursery Assistant

Brian has two years of experience in day to day nursery operations accomplishments and is really passionate about planting trees for conservation and sustainable utilization.

Kwizera Innocent

Nursery Assistant

Innocent has two years experience in day to day nursery operations accomplishments and is passionate about planting trees.

Amone Collins

Nursery Assistant

Collins holds a Diploma in Forestry of Nyabyeya forestry college with two years experience in nursery management and is very passionate about nature. 

Musene Mark

Nursery Assistant

Mark holds a Uganda Certificate of Education with 4 years of experience in day to day nursery operations accomplishments and is very passionate about nature conservation.

Nakato Leticia

Support Staff

Opolot John

Security Officer