Divine Bamboo is the leading producer of high-quality seedlings in Uganda with a 5-star certification from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Through intentional sourcing of planting material, we ensure that we can have recommended varieties of Bamboo that can be incorporated in agroforestry programs, with fast maturity and have noninvasive characteristics.

Commercial bamboo species available for sale currently are Dendrocalamus Asper, Bambusa Multiplex and Bambusa Vulgaris.

Charcoal Briquets

Our flagship value-added product is eco-friendly bamboo charcoal briquettes. These have been tested by the Center for Research in Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CREEC), a regional energy efficiency testing and verification center, and proven to conform to standards of efficiency in terms of heating values, fixed carbon, and ash content. These briquettes emit less smoke, have longer burning life, and are 30 % cheaper than conventional biomass sources. They are packaged in packages of 10kgs and 50Kg bags. Delivery within Kampala can be arranged.

Biochar Organic Fertilizers

Divine Bamboo also manufactures Biochar which enhances soil structure, improves water retention and acts as a substitute to use of inorganic fertilizers. When added to soil, biochar improves plant growth and enhances crop yields, increasing food production and sustainability in areas with depleted soils, limited organic resources, insufficient water and access to agrochemical fertilizers.

Plantation Establishment

We have built technical expertise backed by skilled technical forestry teams with extensive knowledge on bamboo. We offer a wide array of services including site survey, soil testing, site species mapping, plantation establishment services as well as plantation management services.

Training Programs

We deploy  training programs targeted to create a commercial bamboo value chain by equipping communities with skills in bamboo growing and bamboo value chain development. These programs enable the communities to produce marketable products like bamboo crafts, jewelry, kitchenware, furniture among others that can be traded to diversify incomes and also create jobs through value chain enhancement.

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